Why buy a Certified Pre-owned Kia from Hello Kia of Valencia?


Kia’s are built to last. And so are their Warranties.


 Have you ever broken down in the middle of a vacation or had a tire go flat from roadside debris? Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have numerous quality benefits not found with a typical used car purchase. Upon purchasing a Hello Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you will receive a welcome package detailing the additional coverage provided, including Roadside Assistance and Towing/ Rental /Travel Breakdown coverage. Make sure the Kia Certified logo appears on your next used vehicle. Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicles help provide you peace of mind and assurance that you have purchased a quality used vehicle. By purchasing a Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you can be assured that you are investing in a quality product that comes with a Pre-Owned Limited Powertrain Warranty.

– Eligibility: 6 Years or Newer. (The vehicle is less than six years old and has up to or fewer than 80,000 miles)
– 10 Year/100,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty *
– 1-Year/12,000 Mile Comprehensive Platinum Coverage **
– Towing/Rental/Travel
– Reimbursement coverage for covered repairs
– Free Carfax™ report
– 90-Day Subscription SiriusXM®
All Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must pass a 165-point inspection

All Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with the following: 

10-Year 100,000 – Mile Warranty!


• Vehicle History Repor• 165-Point Quality Assurance Inspection • Kia Certified Pre-Owned 10-Year / 100,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty • Includes 1 Year / 12,000 Mile Platinum Coverage

• Travel breakdown coverage is up to $100 per calendar day and (up to) $500 per covered mechanical breakdown. • Emergency Towing Coverage: Up to $75 per covered mechanical breakdown

• Rental Car Coverage: up to $35 per day, max 10 days, per covered mechanical breakdown • Cross Country Motor Club Driver’s OneCard Membership, which includes:

– Flat Tire: Change your flat tire with your inflated spare – Out of Gas: Arrange to have up to three gallons of free gas delivered if your vehicle runs out of fuel

– Lockout: Assist in getting the vehicle unlocked if the keys are lost, broken, or locked inside your vehicle – Jump-Start: Arrange a battery jump.


red kia car


Initial Uner the Hood Inspection

Each Kia Certified Pre-Owned vehicle goes through a rigorous 165-point inspection, ensuring it meets Kia’s stringent standards to provide you with a quality, factory-backed vehicle.

• Engine Starting, Idle • Wiper, Washer • Radio and Horn • Switches • A/C, Heater and Defroster • Lights, Body Inspection • Brakes, Parking Brake • Test Drive

• Transmission • Suspension • Ride • Brakes • Engine Starting, Idle • Wiper, Washer • Radio and Horn • Switches • A/C, Heater and Defroster • Lights, Body Inspection and much more.


Disclaimers: *- Starts on the vehicle’s original in-service date and “0” miles.  ** Starts on vehicle purchase date and mileage at purchase.  The Kia 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program includes various warranties and roadside assistance. Warranties include a powertrain and the New Vehicle Limited Warranty (Basic). All warranties and roadside assistance are limited. *The Kia Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is serviceable at Kia dealerships nationwide. Some restrictions and coverage limitations may apply. See your Limited Pre-Owned Warranty for details or call Hello Kia of Valencia for more information.